Next Level Worshippers


A Little Word About Us

Next Level Worshippers is a praise and worship team; a family of singers, instrumentalists, and dancers with a passion for God and music.

We are responsible for providing music in times of praise, worship, dance, and music ministrations. 
Our aim is to dance, write and sing songs that express who God is, and who we are in him, capturing fresh expressions of worship that glorify God
Vision statement
To be a musically functional community of believers, so Christ's redemptive purposes are accomplished in the world.
Our Mission
We are commuted to :
  • Serving God and his church through our musical talents.
  • Nurturing the spiritual and personal growth of our members through Christ-centered activities.
  • Giving back to our communities through charitable programs and volunteer work.
  • Inspiring our fellow men through high-quality interpretation of choral music.
  • Rehearsals take place once a week but are more frequent when there are upcoming special events. This provides opportunity for members of the department to pray together, share new songs and rehearse yet pursuing the heart of God together.

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